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jetvac compact industrial cleaning machine
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Powerful and Portable

Smart Approved WaterMark

The JetVac Compact is an ideal steam vacuum for all small to medium sized commercial facilities that require high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming. Designed for efficient, hygienic and cost effective cleaning; the JetVac Compact uses superheated dry steam vapour to dissolve dirt and grime with ease. An inbuilt powerful wet/dry vacuum then simultaneously removes emulsified soiling and excess moisture leaving surfaces completely cleaned and dry.

Featuring a 4 litre single-shot stainless steel boiler, the JetVac Compact produces continuous 155°C superheated 94% dry steam vapour for up to 90 minutes before need of a refill. A detachable 1000w water filtered wet/dry vacuum system also enables fast emptying and extra high filtration. As with all Tecnovap steam machines, the JetVac Compact is manufactured in Italy to the highest certification levels ensuring it will last many years.

Where is the JetVac Compact Used?

The JetVac Compact is mostly used in commercial environments that require high quality cleaning for moderate periods of time. Typical users of the JetVac Compact include nursing homes, restaurants and hotels. With a large variety of tools as standard, a JetVac Compact is an ideal solution for cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery, curtains and more.

Specifically the Jetvac Compact is used in to clean areas such as:

versatile enough to clean anywhere

• Walls
• Floors
• Upholstery
• Showers
• Basins / Sinks
• Tiles / Grout
• Ovens / Stoves
• Windows

The Jetvac Compact is ideal for

use this cleaning equipment within hotels, motels and the accommodation industry

• Steam clean carpets not just vacuum
• Destroy bed bugs / dust mites
• Clean upholstery / furniture

cleaning equipment for cafes, pubs and hotels

Kitchens / Restaurants
• Disinfect food prep areas
• Degrease oil and grease build up
• Deep clean fridge, tables range hoods, stoves

safe cleaning equipment for use throughout childcare centres

Child Care Centres
• Disinfect tables, chairs, floors, play equipment, toys.
• Deep clean kitchens, toilets, toys, play equipment
• Revitalise playground furniture

use this cleaning machine to sanitise gym equipment, sauna rooms and synthetics

Gyms / Saunas
• Disinfect equipment
• Remove sweat stains easily
• Deep clean synthetics / leather

Tecnovap's Technology:

Unique Features of the Jetvac Compact

steam output temperature is 165 degrees centigrade

165°C Dry Steam
165°C 94% Dry steam is Produced by the Jetvac Compact

Powerful, 6 bar pressurised steam output

6 Bar Steam Pressure
Powerful 6 bars of steam pressure in an all in one steam and vacuum machine.

an industrial steam vacuum cleaner, in a compact size

Wet / Dry Vacuum
The Jetvac Compact has a 4 Lt Wet / Dry vacuum drum allowing lengthy cleans

Jetvac Compact has a 4 litre water tank

4 Lt Water Capacity
Large 4Lt boiler allows the Jetvac Compact to clean more areas with less downtime

Standard Accessories for the Jetvac Compact

july kit accessories for the jetvac compact Kit July 6 Bar:
• Steam Hose
• Steam Extension Tubes
• Lance
• Large Triangle Tool
• Large Rectangle Tool
• Window Tool
• Small Triangle Brush
• Round Nylon Brush
• Suction Nozzle
• Scraper
• Steel Pad
• Small Nylon Brush
• Small Stainless Brush
• Small Brass Brush

radomes accessory kit, for easier cleaning Kit Radames 6 Bar:
• Steam / Vac Hose
• Steam / Vac Extension Tubes
• Steam / Vac Turbo Lance
• Floor Tool
• Floor Squeegee
• Floor Brush
• Small Triangle Brush
• Round Nylon Brush
• Suction Nozzle
• Scraper
• Steel Pad
• Small Nylon Brush
• Small Stainless Brush
• Small Brass Brush

Technical Specification for Jetvac Compact

Specifications Jetvac Compact
Pressure 6 Bar
Water Storage 4 L
Steam Temperature 165°C
Continuous Steam No
Hot Water/ Chemical Injection No
Chemical Injection Temp n/a
Recovery Vacuum Drum 4 L
Machine Weight 20kg
Max Power 3400W

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Tecnovap Steam Cleaning Equipment
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Tecnovap Industrial Equipment
Tecnovap compact steamer has been very effective as it has saved us money and time considering that it is a green cleaning system allowing for much versatility for different jobs utilising one steam cleaner. Especially Jetsteam Maxi Inox steamer.
Rating: 5

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