Jetsteam Force - Industrial Steam Generator with 10 Bar pressure

Jetsteam Force


jetsteam force - powerful 10 bar cleaning equipment for heavy use
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Powerful Ability to Clean the Toughest Jobs

The Jetsteam Force range consists of a variety of high pressure box shaped steam generators and steam vacuums. All featuring a stainless steel chassis with watertight IPX5 welding, the Jetsteam Force has been developed with industrial cleaning applications in mind; both in regards to performance and strength.

The heart of the Jetsteam Force is the patented AISI 304 stainless steel Tungsten Insert Gas welded boiler with interchangeable heating elements. These boilers are limited to produce a very powerful 6 or 10 bar pressure superheated 94% dry steam at temperatures of up to 190°C. This combination results in incredible cleaning power for even the most difficult cleans such as degreasing.

94% dry steam also means the Jetsteam Force has a very low water usage. In fact, operating at continuos 10 bar pressure the Jetsteam Force has a water consumption rating of less than 11 litres per hour. Considering most water tanks have a minimum 10 litre capacity a lot of cleaning can be completed before refilling is required. However, all Jetsteam Force machines have a continuous refilling system enabling water tanks to be refilled during operation. Some machines are also available direct mains water supply connections.

Jetsteam Force are especially suited to industries need to withstand harsh operating conditions, and are part of our range of rugged, durable industrial cleaning machines. For instance, Jetsteam Force machines are commonly found in food processing facilities, engineering plants, manufacturing factories and bottling plants.

industrial steam cleaning equipmentThe Jetsteam Force is commonly used to clean areas such as:

• Food Production Areas
• Factory Machinery
• Conveyor systems

Tecnovap's Technology:

The Jetsteam Force is ideal for:

food processing plant cleaning equipment, to decontaminate and sanitise without chemicals

Food Processing Plants

  • Clean production machines
  • Remove food build up
  • Speed clean and sanitise stainless benches, machinery and equipment in one step.
powerful, fast and designed for large area cleaning, in factories warehouses and sheds


  • Oily floor and carpet cleaning
  • Clean grease covered machinery
  • Deep clean hard to reach areas

Unique Features of the Steambox

steam generated at 180 degrees for wet-dry vacuum cleaning systems

190°C Dry Steam

190°C 94% Dry steam will cut through the hardest to clean areas with ease.

steam-box 10 bar pressure generator for cleaning industrial sites

10 Bar Steam Pressure

Powerful 10 bars of steam pressure is produced from the Jetsteam Force steam machine.

continuous steam output, to power through large area cleaning jobs around the clock, without the need to stop and refill the tank

Continuous Steam

The large 14 litre water tank and boiler allow the machine to run continuously, with minimum water refills.

Standard Accessories for the Jetsteam Force

july 10bar steam cleaner accessory set Kit July 10 Bar:
• Steam Hose 10 Bar
• Steam Extension Tubes 10 Bar
• Lance 10 Bar
• Large Triangle Brush 10 Bar
• Large Rectangle Brush 10 Bar
• Round Stainless Brush
• Steel Pad
• Small Stainless Brush
• Small Brass Brush

Specifications Jetsteam Force Jetvac Force
Pressure 10 Bar 10
Water Storage 14Lt 14Lt
Steam Temperature 190°C 190°C
Continuous Steam Yes Yes
Hot Water Injection Yes Yes
Recovery Vacuum Drum 14 Lt 7,5 Lt
Machine Weight 60kg 65kg
Max Output 3,75 - 14,55kW 3,75 - 14,55kW

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Tecnovap Steam Cleaning Equipment
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Tecnovap compact steamer has been very effective as it has saved us money and time considering that it is a green cleaning system allowing for much versatility for different jobs utilising one steam cleaner. Especially Jetsteam Maxi Inox steamer.
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