Industrial Power Cleaning Machines for Use at Home

Given the large areas within the dwellings and domestic housing premises that require tedious labour long times and the busy lifestyle the family would have, the residents in the dwelling need to maximise their time spent at extensive cleaning job to cover each area. However this is seen as time-consuming and prone to OH&S concerns, especially back and muscle pains after cleaning tasks. Therefore what the residents and home owners would need is a versatile steam cleaning equipment that can efficiently complete a variety of cleaning applications without compromising on quality and health issues. The Tecnovap range of domestic cleaning machines is so versatile, that with only three machines a domestic contract cleaner can clean just about anything in a typical home. For instance, a JetSteam Maxi or JetVac Junior steamer can be used to hygienically clean everything else.

Advantages of Tecnovap Steam Cleaners

  • Fast and Efficient:

    Our powerful cleaning machines are great for improving OH&S as it eliminates the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the old mop and bucket.

  • Room Cleaning and Deodorising:

    At the press of a button Tecnovap steamers use +155°C superheated 94% dry steam to effortlessly clean, sanitise and deodorise both hard and textile surfaces.

  • Efficient outbreak management:

    Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks with Tecnovap steamers that can effectively and efficiently decontaminate textile surfaces. AS 4187 states 'Moist heat in the form of steam under pressure is the most dependable, fastest and economical method for the destruction of microbial life'.

Domestic Cleaning using Powerful Steam Cleaners


Upholstery - Chairs and sofas

Tecnovap steamers can clean, deodorise and sanitise furniture in rooms within few minutes using superheated dry steam at +180 degrees Celcius to eliminate the superbugs and bacteria.

Steam cleaning is an effective means of sanitising bedding and mattresses

Mattresses and Beds

Tecnovap steamers clean mattress using dry steam leaving the surface dry, thermally sanitised, and deodourised to completely eliminate the odour and bacteria away from the mattress and beds.

Clean and deodorise curtains and window dressings with powerful steam vapour industrial cleaning equipment

Curtains and Drapes

Clean curtain and drapes as they hang with dry steam to reduce time spent removing for laundering and money on hiring contractors.

Cleaning carpets with dry steam vapour equipment, removes all mites and debris, as well as deodorising and sanitising the pile of the carpet all at once

Carpet - Bedbugs and Spills

Steam vacuum carpets to remove spills or to thermally treat bed bugs without chemicals.

Use our strong, dependable industrial cleaning machines for sanitising toilets and cleaning them quickly

Toilets - No Touch Clean

No touch cleaning of toilets with minimal water and no chemicals. Steam is also ideal to reach the hard surfaces.

Clean all bathroom surfaces, with high powered dry steam vapour cleaning equipment

Bathrooms 4-minute Clean

Use steam to sanitise and clean bathrooms daily- in under 4 minutes. Use periodically to detail clean tricky areas like grout lines.

Clean kitchens- floors, bench tops, work areas ovens and food storage shelves, with our professional cleaning equipment

Kitchen Cleaning

Use Tecnovap Steam to sanitise, disinfect and clean kitchen equipment and areas completely.

Ideal Tecnovap Products

The JetSteam or JetVac range are especially ideal for regular cleaning of both textile and hard surfaces in domestic homes.

Domestic Cleaning Demonstration Video

Tecnovap Steam Cleaning Equipment
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Tecnovap Industrial Equipment
Tecnovap compact steamer has been very effective as it has saved us money and time considering that it is a green cleaning system allowing for much versatility for different jobs utilising one steam cleaner. Especially Jetsteam Maxi Inox steamer.
Rating: 5

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