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Bacchus Steam System

Leading Industrial Cleaning Equipment- the Bacchus Steam
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Bacchus is a product especially created for steam cleaning and sterilization of bottling production lines with or without micro filtration (with steam pressure from 0,2 to 6 bar). Continuous steam flow, direct connection for water supply and low voltage control panel

Bottling line sanitising systems for industrial use Bacchus Steam System - Bottling Line Cleaning is the most powerful steam cleaner on the market capable of sterilizing and cleaning a 2300 bottles per hour bottling line and up to 150 barrels per day all without using any chemicals, saving you on wastewater treatment, time and money. Ideal for Medium to Large wineries.

Advantages of Steam Vapour

steam spout for bacchus industrial steam cleaning machine
The use of steam in the bottling line assures a complete kill rate in the whole system from the membrane filter to the fill spouts.

The use of steam in the bottling line assures a complete kill rate in the whole system from the membrane filter to the fill spouts. The fact that the bottling line reaches disinfecting temperatures faster and reaches a higher temperature means the process is much shorter saving a great deal of time in the sterilization process. The process only takes 15 minutes of time once a minimum temperature of over 100ºC is reached. The whole process is done without a single chemical, meaning no wastewater to treat.

The advantages of Bacchus Steam System - Bottling Line Cleaning:

  • The Bacchus system uses as little as 2L of water per hour, resulting in a savings of 678L of water per hour, and allows for a 99.7% reduction in water consumption and wastewater treatment.
  • The Bacchus system operate at steam temperatures up to 192ºC, which effectively increase the kill ratio and lethal dose on bacteria and mould.
  • The Bacchus system allows for an instant transfer of heat to all surfaces that are touched, this significantly reduces the time needed to clean and sterilize equipment.

How Steam Vapour Works to Sterilise Bottling Lines

use powerful steam vapour to thoroughly cleans wine bottling lines

Steam cleaning of a line with micro filtration

powerful, pressurised steam forced through bottling lines is the ultimate weapon against fighting contamination

Steam cleaning and sterilisation with over 100oC

decontamination of all bottling lines and fittings

Connection of a Bacchus steam machine to a bottling line


  • Innovative and 100% natural process without the usage of chemicals
  • Does not emit dangerous smokes into the atmosphere, usable also in closed environments
  • No need of special permissions or patents for the usage of our equipments.
  • Rapid start-up of the boiler (about 5 min).
  • Machine with trolley, easy to move as space-saving.
  • Ensures long life to the microfiltration cartridges.

Also the Bacchus Steam System can clean wine barrels. Click the image below to go to wine barrel cleaning:

pressurised steam vapour is an effective way to completely sanitise wine barrels, without the use of chemicals
Vaporise the barrel for approx 1 minute


  • Disinfection
  • Removal of Bretanomyces from the wood fibers.
  • Complete releasing of scale from the barrel's walls.
  • Detartrating and disinfection of the barrel with only one operation.

Included Accessories for the Bacchus Steam System - Pipe Cleaning

Bacchus kit- for use with this industrial cleaning machine

Kit Bacchus:

Hose for Steam cleaning of bottling production lines

dedicated Geyser accessory kit

Kit Geyser:

To clean tanks from wine scale

Optional Accessories for the Bacchus Steam System - Pipe and Bottling Cleaning

Bacchus steam accessory kit, for bottling lines and pipe cleaning

Steam Kit:
Removes wine scale from tanks.

Bacchus Kit 2- a steam diffuser for vaporising wine barrels

Steam Diffuser:
To vaporise the barrels.

Technical Specs for Bacchus Steam System - Pipe and Bottling Line Cleaning

Specifications Bottling Line Cleaning - Bacchus Steam System
Boiler AISI 304
Body Stainless Steel BA
Boiler Output 36 kW - 28,8 kW - 21,6 kW
Watertight IPX5
Steam Production 970/194 g/min
Water Tank 20L
Operating Pressure 6 Bar

Power Supply 400~3-50/60 Hz
Power Cord 8m
Weight 63 kg
Packaging 60x90x115cm
Quantity 1
Steam Temperature 165oC

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