How To Make The Most of Your Professional Chewing Gum Remover

How To Make The Most of Your Professional Chewing Gum Remover

Chewing gum – it's a sticky pleasure that many enjoy, but when it ends up in unwanted places, it can be a real headache. As a manager, owner, janitor, or commercial cleaning professional in the educational facility industry, you know just how pesky removing gum can be. Fear not, for we're here to share the secrets of effectively utilising your professional chewy cleaning equipment. Say goodbye to unsightly gum and hello to a spotless environment!

The Gum Dilemma

Chewing gum remover

We've all been there – a classroom floor, a carpeted hallway, or even the office entrance, marred by discarded gums. It's not just about aesthetics; gum can wreak havoc on surfaces and be a breeding ground for bacteria. But worry not, for your professional gum remover could be your ultimate solution.

Discover Your Weapon: The Professional Chewing Gum Remover

Imagine having a superhero on your cleaning team – that's your professional chewing gum remover - and you've got to choose wisely. A wrong method can cost you hours or days of cleaning sticky floors, but the right one will only take you less than a minute to remove one sticky gum.

Crafted to conquer even the most stubborn gum-related challenges, Tecnovap professional gum remover could be your ultimate solution. Whether it's concrete, carpet, fabric, upholstery, or elegant hardwood floors, your gum remover is designed to make the sticky problem vanish like magic.

Gum Removal Magic How-Tos

Whether you're dealing with gum on carpets, concrete, or fabric - read on to find out gum-cleaning techniques with Tecnovap Steam Vacuum Cleaning Machines.

Defeating Concrete Dilemmas:

  • Preheat the Tecnovap steam vacuum cleaner.
  • Focus the steam nozzle on the gum on the concrete surface. The steam will heat and soften the gum.
  • Use the chewy brush attachment to gently scrub the area, loosening the gum from the fibres.
  • Employ a plastic scraper to gently lift off the softened gum, or use a vacuum option to suck the gum and any excess moisture.
  • Repeat the process if necessary, and steam clean the area afterwards to eliminate any remnants.

Fabric and Upholstery Triumphs:

  • Ensure the Tecnovap steam cleaner is preheated.
  • Gently direct steam onto the gum on the fabric upholstery.
  • Use a soft brush attachment to agitate the gum, causing it to become pliable.
  • Carefully scrape off the gum using a plastic scraper, or use the vacuum option.
  • Steam clean the area once more to ensure complete removal.

Carpet Conquests:

  • Begin by preheating your Tecnovap steam cleaner.
  • Direct the steam nozzle toward the gum-infested area. The high-temperature steam will soften the gum.
  • Use a soft brush attachment to gently scrub the area, loosening the gum from the fibres.
  • Once the gum becomes pliable, use a plastic scraper to lift it off the carpet, or use the vacuum option.
  • Steam clean the area again to remove any residue, leaving your carpet gum-free and refreshed.

Chewing Gum Removal Process

Top Tips for Effective Chewy Removal

  • Act Swiftly: The sooner you remove gum from the surface, the easier the job is. Time is of the essence, so don't procrastinate.
  • Patch Test: Before using your gum remover on a visible area, perform a patch test to ensure compatibility with the surface. Using Tecnovap Steam Vapour Machines, however, can help guarantee to fit with any type of surface.
  • Gentle Approach: Use plastic scrapers or brushes to avoid damaging delicate surfaces. Tecnovap steam vapour machines will include tools and attachments built to remove chewing gum.
  • Repeat if Necessary: With the normal chewing gum cleaning method, stubborn gum may require a second application. However, the heat from Tecnovap Steam Vapour Machines allows the removal of even the most stubborn gum.
  • Proper Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation when using gum remover indoors for a comfortable cleaning experience.


Equipped with the Tecnovap professional chewy remover, you're armed and ready to conquer any sticky challenge that comes your way. No longer will sticky situations dampen your cleaning efforts – your expertise will shine through, leaving educational facilities immaculate and inviting. Remember, a gum-free environment isn't merely aesthetically pleasing; it's a testament to your dedication to hygiene and cleanliness. So, embrace the power of Tecnovap, celebrate your successes, and let your cleaning prowess shine like never before!

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