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Bacchus Industrial

10,8 kW - 14,4 kW - 21,6 kW - 28,8 kW - 36 kW

THREE-PHASE steam generator with stainless steel chassis and body, watertight IPX5, automatic refilling system with electromechanical water level control inside the boiler - True TempTM, direct connection for water supply, low voltage control panel.

Comes with Bacchus Hose, July Kit with 5 metre hose, diffuser and hose holder.

Bacchus Industrial Cleaning Machine- compatible with 3-phase power supplies.
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Bacchus Industrial with dedicated Bacchus hose, and accessory kit

Tecnovap's Technology:

Before and After in Bacchus Industrial Use:

Showing Before and After results, achieved with powerful cleaning equipment such as the Bacchus Industrial

The Bacchus Industrial is great for:

food process line sanitising and cleaning, using high powered steam vapour in an industrial grade machine

Blasting food residues off processing equipment and preparation areas with 150 bar high pressure water and then thermally sanitise using +1800C super heated 94% dry system

degrease mechanical workshops with superheated steam vapour

Degreasing and removing grime from all mechanical workshop surfaces or engineering machinery in seconds. With the Bacchus there is no more scrubbing or degreasers

use this machine for rapid cleaning of meat processing and cutting tables, within industrial food handling premises

Ideal for use in environments like abattoirs where the high pressure water rids surfaces of meat/bone residue in seconds and the +1800C melts fats and sanitises.

Winery cleaning and barrel sterilisation

Ideal for removing tartrates and tannins in the oak wine barrels, as well as disinfect winery working environments

clean and thermally sanitise bottling lines using the superheated, almost dry steam vapour from the Bacchus Industrial cleaning machine

Ideal for disinfecting, sanitising, and deep cleaning bottling lines and production lines.

Technical Specs for Bacchus Industrial

Specifications Bacchus Industrial
Boiler Stainless steel AISI 304 ( with interchangeable element PATENT)
Body Stainless steel AISI 304 ( BA )
Boiler volume 11,5 l - 12,5 l - 14 l

Boiler output

10,8 kW - 14,4 kW - 21,6 kW - 28,8 kW - 36 kW
Water tank 20 l
Operating pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Steam production (g/min) 291 - 388 - 582 - 776 - 970 g/min - 17,5 - 23 - 35 - 46,5 - 58 kg/h
Power supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Power cord 8 m
Weight 60 kg / 132 lb

Packaging (LxWxH)



Optional (Hose holder)

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Tecnovap Steam Cleaning Equipment
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Tecnovap Industrial Equipment
Tecnovap compact steamer has been very effective as it has saved us money and time considering that it is a green cleaning system allowing for much versatility for different jobs utilising one steam cleaner. Especially Jetsteam Maxi Inox steamer.
Rating: 5

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