Equipment to Remove Chewing Gum Effectively

Our steam cleaning equipment is the most effective tool for the complete removal of hardened or soft chewing gum from all surfaces. A special accessory attached to the machine directs high pressure steam vapour at the gum or wax, and displaces it from the surface, ready for the vacuum to remove.

Combined with the cleansing power of our specially formulated Bivap Gum cleaning solution, the Tecnovap system is the safest, most complete way to remove chewing gum which has stuck fast to furniture, floors, upholstery or hard surfaces. The Jetvac Professional is an industrial cleaning machine with the power to blast residue off surfaces and floors. It's effective at removing gum from all floors from soft carpet to hard concrete.

You can remove up to 500 pieces of gum per hour, leaving the floor surface, cleaned and residue free. Watch our video below to see how fast and efficient the Tecnovap Chewing Gum removal system is.


Steps to Remove Gum From all Floor Surfaces- From Carpets to Concrete!

• Simply turn on the steam machine

• Apply a squirt of our formulated chewy remover

• Steam the chewy and lightly rub

• Vacuum up the residue

The chewy is gone, no sticky mess left behind!

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Put an end to manual techniques such as scraping and scrubbing- and harness the power of an industrial class chewing gum removal machine!